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Zambia Country Profile


November 2015

Crop value chains

Soya | Groundnuts

Participating farmers

40,500 – 40% female | 60 crop aggregators

Total commodity sales


Total value chain financing


Participating stakeholders

7 buyers | 2 financial institutions | 3 input & equipment suppliers

Zambia’s availability of fertile land and water presents a huge opportunity for smallholder farmers. However, productivity is extremely low by global standards due to poor farming practices, limited access to inputs and technologies and underdeveloped rural infrastructure.

As a first step, FtMA has embraced the challenge of Zambia’s vastness and set up a network of aggregator ‘hubs’ to facilitate engagement with private sector stakeholders. FtMA Zambia has successfully identified agro-dealers, cooperatives and outgrowers who manage multiple buying points and can reach deep into Zambia’s rural communities. As a result, FtMA has unlocked trade finance opportunities with local microfinance institutions, established linkages between farming communities and markets, and introduced farming communities to advanced post-harvest handling and storage technologies. FtMA Zambia believes that formal contracts between farmers and buyers if respected, will bring confidence into commodity markets. With a primary focus on legumes with income improvement and risk diversification potential, FtMA supports the Zambian Government’s call for crop diversification which complements climate smart agriculture initiatives. FtMA Zambia strives to improve farmers access to enhanced aggregation centers and formal off-takers markets.

FtMA Zambia Team

Yunike Phiri

Programme Officer