Technologies and Quality Inputs

Africa has 60 percent of the world’s arable land, yet African crop yields are more than five times lower than the global average.

Only 6 percent of Africa’s land is irrigated and the average fertilizer use in Africa is 14 times less than in developed agricultural regions. Despite having the potential to be a net agricultural exporter, the continent imports $35 billion worth of food annually.

FtMA farmers and aggregators are offered various financing options to support critical input and aggregation activities during the season. FtMA supports farmers in accessing loan products as well as crop loss insurance products, to protect them against losses caused by external factors from planting to harvest. Farmer organizations and aggregation centres can apply for output /aggregation loans to increase their working capital and enable them to bulk receive farmers produce. Working with farmers groups, field agents and aggregators, FtMA provides financial trainings to strengthen the professionalism of producer organizations.

Through farmer organizations and aggregation centers, farmers can access quality planting inputs at bulk prices, and receive digital receipts against their orders. This digital record helps them create a credit history and access input loans more easily. Before planting begins, farmers interact with technical experts to get their soil tested and to decide on appropriate input packages and personal protection equipment.

Good Agricultural Practices trainings

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Planting tools

Input order forms

Soil testing

Fertilizer, seeds, crop protection packages

Live planting season information

Digital receipts for credit history