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All value chain stakeholders.


Farmer Service Centres to improve farmers, access to quality products and services.


Farmers to sustainably improve their incomes, resilience and make better business decisions.


To manage data and facilitate information flow to partners.

Achievements to date


June 2017

Crop value chains

Potatoes | Soya | Sorghum | Rice | Maize

Total value chain financing

US $ 498,295

Participating farmers

122,513 – 52% female | 3 digital partners.

Participating stakeholders

293 buyers | 9 financial institutions | 11 input & equipment suppliers

Kenya has enormous agricultural potential yet currently faces a significant domestic production deficit in key crops, and farmers & access to market is often restricted. There is a low level of trust among farmers, as well as between farmers and value chain actors yet at the same time, there are buyers, input providers, financial and insurance markets with strong appetites for larger customer bases. Sustainable engagement with smallholders is limited due to “last mile” challenges and insufficient knowledge and tools to perform as credible business players. Smallholder farmers in Kenya are often unable to take up the opportunities to improve their livelihoods. FtMA Kenya team helps thousands of farmers across 12 counties, to overcome these challenges by identifying and building a network of rural agri entrepreneurs known as Farmer Service Centres (FSCs).

These entities bridge the gap between farmers and key value chain actors and in doing so build increase trust and transparency among all stakeholders. FSC has the opportunity to earn revenue and commissions from the delivery of quality products and services to farmers. Private and public sector partners are able to work with the FSCs to disseminate training and information whilst achieving economies of scale (aggregated demand). The stronger and more stable the FSCs are, the more commercially viable the whole value chain becomes, leading to sustained impact for all actors.

Empowering Rural Women through Agribusiness

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FtMA Kenya Team

George Njoroge

Country Coordinator

Team members

Backson Mwangi – Markets and Logistics Lead

Harriet Tergat – Communications and Digitization Lead

Mary Wanjohi – Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Michael Njagi – Productivity and Extension Lead

Natasha Straker – Programme Coordination and Support