Affordable Finance

Smallholder farmers globally require an estimated US$210 billion in finance to achieve the full potential of their agricultural operations. Unfortunately, only US$50 billion is currently supplied by the agri finance market.

Financial institutions continue to reconcile the risk of smallholder farmers in staple crop markets. Farmer’s profits are further reduced by crop losses, as only 10% of smallholder farmers globally access agricultural insurance.

FtMA farmers and aggregators are offered various financing options to support critical input and aggregation activities during the season. FtMA supports farmers in accessing loan products as well as crop loss insurance products, to protect them against losses caused by external factors from planting to harvest. Farmer organizations and aggregation centres can apply for output /aggregation loans to increase their working capital and enable them to bulk receive farmers produce. Working with farmers groups, field agents and aggregators, FtMA provides financial trainings to strengthen the professionalism of producer organizations.

Farmer and farmer organization input loans

Aggregation centre working capital loans

Financial literacy trainings

Buyer financing

Bank selection, client identification (KYC) and application process

Farmer and farmer organization output loans

Crop loss insurance